Branding & Web Design for Architect

Branding and Web design for architect from Poland. I created logo, CI and full website layout.

Branding and Website for architect - Cezary Smycz
Author: Pawel Scharmach
Designed by: Pawel Scharmach
My concept was to make a clean, timeless, and simple logo, that wil represent Cezary Smycz - polish architect as it is
The inspiration was the pen that was lying on my desk. After the reversal we saw the shape of a polygon, which became the basis for the entire project. Why pen? Because as a basic drawing tool is used for each constructor. Combines of the thin line along the shape of the polygon created a simple, timeless symbol.

I present the entire design process, from the idea, inspiration, sketch, visual communication design and website creation. Hope You like it.
First a quick sketch...
...  and the first preview of the finished project
CI elements...
Some detail...
1900 px  | - |
Thanks for watching!
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